WTF is Cerveza?

Have you seen a few more clear bottles on the bottle shop shelves lately? Wonder what the f*&K is a ‘cerveza’? Let me tell you a little more about what it means, where it came from, and why everyone seems to be making one these days.

To put it simply, cerveza is Spanish for beer.

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How the f*ck do you order a beer around Aus?

Australia's beer sizes not only differ from those around the world, but also vary when one traverses across state lines. In this very short, but sweet, blog we are going to breakdown what a beer is called in each state. Depending on where you're from, if you get on a plane for two hours here in Australia the entire definition of a beer order changes and all of a sudden you've got schooeys that are pots.

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Beers That Hit Different

We all love beer! That’s pretty much the heart of this list in the first place. Beer is always great, but there’s times where that beer hits different. It hits and it's the sweetest nectar you’ve ever tasted. It’s not just tasty but it’s lifesaving. It’s something that compliments the day and the time and the place. It wasn’t just there because it happened to be, it needed to be there! You were blessed with a cold beverage at that moment. 

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Worst Beer Tattoos

As long as tattoos have existed there has been bad tattoos and nothing hits quite as good as a bad tattoo. They are something to be proud of, something to relish, I made this dumb decision and I love it, because at the end of the day if it's permanent might as well make it memorable. This is made even better when the tattoos are beer related and oh boy do we have some absolute crackers here, some sent in by some of the looniest fans we got.

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The Most Ridiculous Things At GABS

The Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular, or GABS Beer Festival as it's more widely known as, is an annual event that takes place in Australia and New Zealand. This festival is a MUST-ATTEND event for beer lovers and anyone who enjoys a good time. With over 500 beers from more than 200 breweries across the Australian events, there is something for everyone at this festival. Instead of just telling you why the festival is great, you can just go find out all those reasons on their website at, we will tell you about the ridiculous, silly and most entertaining things that we love about the festival!

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Should Dogs Drink 0% Beers?

Continuing on from our viral blog of Should Kids Drink 0% Beers we are now asking the question of should your best buddy in the whole world be drinking them too? Now in research for this university grade thesis we found there is a surprising amount of dog beers around. In reality we know that dogs shouldn't be drinking beers HOWEVER, we do recommend them parking up on the couch beside you whilst the game is on or at a dog friendly bar for a cold one as well. 
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What Your Favourite Beer Style Says About You! (Part 1)

Beer is a great, and it comes in many different styles, each with its unique characteristics and flavours. From light lagers to rich stouts, beer has something for everyone. Did you know however that the type of beer you prefer can say a lot about you? In this blog, we'll explore what your favourite beer style says about you.

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Top 5 Ways You're Killing Your Beers

Beer is a beloved beverage enjoyed by millions around the world. Whether it’s a cold pint after a long day, a refreshing sip during a sporting even...
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